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Customizable Build-A-Bottle


With the Build-a-Bottle program, you get to design your own bottle all the way through the process, including the graphics! Pick the color of your blank canvas and then pick a size and cap. After that, head on over to the final step and, drop your best artwork onto it! Order in bulk to drop the price (pricing visible in final design stage).*

*Our web experience is currently being expanded. Please call us directly at 509-834-6500 to speak with a real person in our USA factory or feel free to email us at custombottles@libertybottles.com if you would prefer. We are happy to learn about your customization needs in person.

Build your perfect bottle. See exactly how it looks after making all the selections.

NOTE: Please allow the page to refresh between selections so we can determine what is in stock.

  • Choose a size
  • Choose a color
  • Choose a cap
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Do some math.

When you purchase one of our bottles, you’re contributing to environmental sustainability and economic revitalization in a few different ways. Let’s crunch the numbers.

*based on median plastic water bottle consumption for 5 years (lifespan of a Liberty bottle)