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Liberty Bottleworks has designed, manufactured, printed, and sold Liberty bottles from our factory in Yakima, Washington— the heart of the Pacific Northwest—since 2011.

We’re now ready to launch our second American-made product — Liberty double-walled tumblers. These tumblers keep drinks hot or cold on the inside while the outside stays comfortable to the touch.

Because we built our factory with contributions from hundreds of private investors—no banks—we only purchased the equipment needed to produce our original, patented Liberty bottles. This Kickstarter will help us retool our equipment so we can reduce the cost of the tumblers so anyone can afford an American-made, metal, double-walled tumbler.

Fun Fact! All of the manufacturing equipment we use is American made as well—from the furnace to the bottle washer.

Our high quality, sustainable metal water bottles and tumblers are built in a plant that does not negatively impact the environment while providing living wage jobs right here in our local community.

In addition, our products help you demonstrate your individuality. You can choose the color, the design, and the message you want to share with the world. Our state-of-the-art printing process allows you to tell your story, in color, with texture, and in your own words. Our designers can create custom art or you can create your own and we will build a bottle or tumbler just for you.

For every donation over $35 we will donate water bottles to local homeless shelters.